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About Us

About Us

European Business Club - The most effective gateway to the European Union is established in Vienna. Thanks to its geopolitical location, it shares borders with 8 countries: Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

The Republic of Turkey holds a significant position with its 3 embassies in Vienna. With our business network spanning across 82 countries at WSEIN - World Sustainable Energy Institute, we are the largest independent business network in Europe. We have utilized our experiences in Sustainable Smart Trade from the European Union and created a structure akin to the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, establishing direct connections with all regional chambers of commerce, national industry associations, and individual businesses in FRANCE, GERMANY, THE NETHERLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRIA, HUNGARY, ITALY, SLOVAKIA, CZECHIA, SWITZERLAND, BELGIUM, and LUXEMBOURG.

With EUTRADE, your gateway to the European Union, we provide independent, global, innovative solutions tailored to your familiar customs and traditions, enabling Sustainable Smart Trade in predetermined sectors!

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