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Dear Members,

Vienna, with its historical significance as the former Austro-Hungarian Empire and its geopolitical location, is like a puzzle piece connecting 8 European countries at a key point right in the heart of Europe.

With our extensive international network spanning 82 countries, our 8-year membership in DEIK-DTIK European Council as the Representative Office for Austria, and our collaboration with WSEIN - World Sustainable Energy Institute, we have gained valuable experiences in Sustainable Smart Trade from chambers, municipalities, ministries, embassies, and various commercial and civil society entities worldwide. We are now ready to provide you, our esteemed members in Turkey and around the world, with direct, independent, and source-to-service solutions or product providers in legal, accounting, political, lobbying activities, and sales strategies for your entry into the European Union and/or to accelerate your existing relations within the EU. We approach this task with a different, innovative perspective aimed at removing barriers and leveraging our nearly 25 years of experience and successful track record in Europe to establish commercial bridges with EU member countries for our members who wish to do business with the European Union.

"We see the European Union as a Grand Bazaar, and we are building Innovative, Sustainable, and Smart Commercial bridges!"

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